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As country as an ear of corn.
Not only does every village have an idiot, they also have a Chicken Little.
You're never more than six days from Friday.
You're working that olive like it bought you jewelry.
Even a trip to the bank can be exciting, if you wear a ski mask.
The difference between a rut and the grave is but a matter of inches.
Do you wear a cup when you straddle that fence?
Fiance - It is French for future ex-husband.
I have a problem with people who only read one book.
Rent splitter.
Did we just enter a parallel universe.
Hey little boy, that's not your real mother. Come with me.
Ride the Ferris wheel. Pay your money. Take your Chances.
Too Many freaks. Not Enough Circuses.
Mutual external validation.
Take pride in your double wide.
oil of delay
inner drama queen
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I only take credit for a few of these. If you said it first, then you know who you are.